Wiki Guidelines

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Wireless Wiki Guidelines

This wiki is currently open for editing - but please take a little consideration before editing. Here are some guidelines that might help this wiki to develop in a positive direction:


  • You need to login to write and edit articles. Try to give a good summary of the new node or the changes you made.
  • When starting a new node, spend a second thought on the title. Try to make it as closely related to the content as possible. You can have long titles, this wiki supports spaces in titles - f.e. "Two_Words".
  • Make use of wiki formatting to increase readibility. Paragraph headlines help a lot, for example. Also, look for formatting ideas in other articles.
  • Take a look at Howto_Categories and see where your article might fit in.
  • Before making non-trivial changes on an existing article, consider using the "Discuss this page" link on the bottom of every page. It will open a seperate page on which issues might be resolved collectively.
  • Always preview before submitting!
  • Make use of the "Summary" line on the bottom of the editing box. It makes the Recent Changes page a lot more useful.


  • Before adding content, check if somebody has already written something about it.
  • Make sense - write so that people can understand, be careful with acronyms or cryptic language.
  • When writing howto's or explanatory texts consider putting a short one or two sentence summary on the top.
  • Don't discriminate or offend other people.
  • Make use of offensive language only where absolutely needed.