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Wireless Setup

Actual setup is a WRT54G Linksys (of course the 216 MHz version) with a 9dB omni-antenna outside and a 7dB omni inside the flat (as fallback, as just one antenna gets used).

You can reach the Linksys via Internet DynDNS: http://vscd.dyndns.org:91

Internal Network

The [Wagner11] consists of the 104.63.64.x Network, unsteady Servers are:

A Unix-Workstation

A C64-Webserver [C64] [connection-Stat of the C64]


reach me at

  • email: vscd@npl.de

If the node failes contact me or reach my assistent-supervisor
(Node Fries 43) at 03643 252696 (email: wifiwewiki.20.bastian@spamgourmet.org