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This as the first post on this new Wiki is the first 'alive!' signal from these pages! We will fill the space with content. Often there will be breaks on one may think we stopped existence, but: good things take time. Now, after a couple 'o years we are stepping forward to the at least a million times discussed wiki : ) remember the logo-contest !

Here one can find informations about our ongoing activities 'verfunking' Goethes and Schillers good 'ol classic weimar town. Most of us are actually students at the here located Bauhaus University, some already got diploma, others are studying at the TU Ilmenau. A big portion of our enthusiasts are known as the 'guys from subsignal.org' ..

We now have around 6 nodes running with different antennas, most of them on sisela, but actually guessing about to switch or at least integrate meshcube nor WRT54Gs with enhanced firmware to the net. We are still not agree which routing-protocol to use. As far as I know there are at least 6 further nodes pending. Depends on someone has time to set them up : )

We (lars and kloschi) have been at the freifunk summer convention in djursland / denmark. It was a very inspiring event, thanks to the organizers and participiants!

One of our main summer activities was to serve music festivals with wireless .. we have been at melt!, splash, sonne mond und sterne and some others.