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Version vom 23. September 2004, 16:10 Uhr von Lars (Diskussion | Beiträge) (i propose categories for structuring...)
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TOC - Feel free to edit this structure, as it is just a scribble yet.

note: as we now found out how categories work, i would propose replacing the TOC with an overview of a proper set of categories...L.

1. Why
1.1 Community Networking

2. How to realize
2.1 Technically
2.1.1 Hardware Antennaes Routers Cables AntennaeCables EthernetCables Connectors and Adapters

2.1.2 Software Firmware Linux for the wireless ..

2.1.3 Protocols AODV OSPF OLSR

2.1.4 Easy NodeBuilding!

2.2 CommunityNetworks
2.2.1 OrganizedCommunityNetworks
2.2.2 SemiOrganizedCommunityNetworks
2.2.3 ChaoticalCommunityNetworks

2.3 Administration
2.3.1 Networking Structures

3. WirelessWeimar
3.1 NodeDB
3.2 NodeMap
3.3 people