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2.1 [[Technically]]<br>
2.1 [[Technically]]<br>
2.1.1 [[Hardware]]<br>
2.1.1 [[Hardware]]<br>

Version vom 20. Februar 2005, 19:37 Uhr

'As all of this is not about empazithing a better world through technology, we are beginning with some technical terms and afterwards -

we'll get our hands dirty!

As you can see where we heading to: Wp003.jpg

2.1 Technically
2.1.1 Hardware Antennaes Routers Cables AntennaeCables EthernetCables Connectors and Adapters

2.1.2 Software Firmware Linux for the wireless ..

2.1.3 Protocols AODV OSPF OLSR

2.1.4 Easy NodeBuilding!