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here's a draft agenda for the wireless-weimar meeting on coming tuesday. please add your topics / questions / points !!

  1. welcome! who are you?
    • 'hello, my name is...'
  2. short introduction to the wireless weimar project
    • who, since when, how, where, why?
  3. nodemap
    • we should update the nodemap with new nodes, and add the interested ones as well.
  4. tech-stuff
    • what does one need to become part of the network? what is the current technical status of the network(s) and what will change?
  5. roadmap
    • what are the next steps? where do we want to be in what time? what needs to be done, and what do we do after that?
  6. wiki-related
    • how do this thing work? how can i contribute? ( and btw: who knows enought CSS to have look at the layout?)
  7. legal stuff
    • whats the issue with providing/sharing/sueing?

... what else?